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Happy New Year 2017 for Everyone,This article is wrote for the people are choosing asecockpit for seo professionals good keyword research tool.I am an seoer for about 10 years.Niche Keyword research is surely a task any seoer should handle frequently. Assuming you want to setup a website to sell your products or service. you need to know how to choose the best keywords for your website, that was including the main keywords, long tail keywords and many more relevant keywords for making your website or online store more findable.Today,I am sharing you the seo keyword tool of secockpit.

Secockpit Special Discount Information & Bonus


Keyword Research Tool

As you know that niche keyword research is part of a superior Search engine Keyword Research Tool - Secockpitmarketing technique. However, It doesn’t mean that the task should take you lots of time and money. Don’t worry,choosing a good Keyword Research Tool will help you do that easily.

When using a keyword research tool, you type a seed keyword,click search button then you can get a directory of results. Here I suggest you use secockpit.With the SECockpit special built-in features which allow you to receive an large number of details about search trends, normal levels of competition and website traffic estimates.

SECockpit — It is also called Search Engine Cockpit,It’s a great Search engine optimization niche research application for webmasters. SECockpit give you niche keyword suggestions by an typed seed keyword. SECockpit subsequently collects and blends data from various providers

Seo management project

Seo management projectSearch engine marketing management and the execution of seo is very hard because of the large number of steps required — It includes niche research and management, to developing the site’s framework, prioritizing content material, and calculating results.

The first step is that make using of the secockpit tool to build and start a Pay per click campaign. With the PPC stats will allow you to strengthen and channel your Search engine optimization work as it will reveal what terms are receiving from, and what website pages are delivering the greatest results. So it helps you determine the best way to prioritize your articles as well as your website’s design, so you can go forward to directly target your articles on niche keyword you won’t have considered.

Considering that a effective Search engine optimization program doesn’t stop with getting the good niche keywords, SECockpit helps you quickly create unique promotions, record the activities and also the back-links.

My personal experience with secockpit.

secockpit reviewsOk,let me tell you the story myslef, I have been at Search engine marketing for more than 10 years.I had made lots of website projects,from “wow gold” to “wedding dresses” online shop,and know I just manage lots of small affiliate marketing websites.Why I change the online marketing methods?It is because I can find niche keywords to make money easily.

I had read lots of seo articles told me that market and keyword research is very important, in the event that you screw it up, you’re doomed to start with. I usually understood that I had to get higher search, lower level of competition key terms along with buying intention.Yes,It is a very easy job for me,but If I don’t use any software and do the job manually, It takes me more than 1 hours for choosing good keywords.I mean that keywords research task isn’t very hard,It is just a time consuming task.

So I have to buy a keywords tool to help me do this work.I picked the Market Samurai the first time, and I have been mostly satisfied with that in past times. But, A year later I’ve found various matters. It is very slow when collectting data, and I have found that I need to do lots of manual steps for deeper studies. Eventually,I stopped to use that software.

This time,I choosing swissmademarketing secockpit keyword tool.All things changed now.

It is very easy to get several niche keywords with more than 10,000 visitors every month in few mins, along with websites offered and competition that I understand I can defeat even without the need for backlinks. I had tested this seo methods for many time,I found niche keywords first, bought an Exact Match Domain, made a wordpress blog and had a website ranked on NO1 in just one week.But I have to say that this method isn’t work today because google had made lots of updates during the past 10 years.

Why can I use this method to rank a keyword with a new domain in just a week?

It is because I’d the right market research application, I didn’t understand tips on how to utilize it correctly. You actually can do niche research using the totally free Google Adwords Search System, but it is likely to get freaking permanently! So I would rather invest a couple of bucks for saving time.

Yes,I know you want to make money,but we also should think about how to make money quickly.We spend time to make money,If we can use a short time to make more money,why care so much for the investing some great tools?

The only most critical Search engine optimization System Now I had is the niche research program – Secockpit. Yes, It is a little expensive, but It is really worth the money,trust me.

What’s secockpit?

The concept regarding SECockpit is very common. Based on the website, internet search engine features are just like an aircraft?Secockpit – Complicated and hard to grasp. But, by using check-lists, aircraft pilots can do easy jobs.

SECockpit can help you determine keywords and phrases to help you improve results from your internet marketing and advertising campaigns. It is very easy to find good Google adsense keywords for your website, and get an perfect “buying keyword” so you aren’t wasting your money on irrelevant key terms which will not do.

Who made secockpit?

SECockpit is known as a system belonging to the SwissMadeMarketing group of Shane Melaugh and Sam Haenni.

If you search “Shane Melaugh and Sam Haenni“.You will find the details that Shane hisslef is a software engineer,and he previously launched solutions including Backlink Battleplan and Sam has recently coworked with Shane as the outstanding technical man.

secockpit task dashboard

SECockpit was made offered by party invitation, therefore it has received plenty of real-world testing before the public release on July 5th.

Secockpit features and functions.

Take a look at these functions before you start buy secockpit tool:

Niche research at fast speed
Worldwide: For any countries and languages
Outstanding & unlimited keywords research data
Get the most beneficial key words within minutes
Discover ever better keywords alternatives than your competitors
Amazing Bonus offer: RankTracker (SECockpit Pro & Up)

Additional Features Summary

Basic package currently reveals monthly exact match searches
Basic package currently displays described competitors value for the top ten websites with the Google and yahoo results for every search term
Daily targeted traffic estimates and separated competitors’ results are also accessible
Much more accurate report on the top 10 resulting web pages with the in-depth key phrases view
Color-coding with the in depth contest view
Different Columns:
Google Places listing in top 10 results
Google News listing in top 10 results
Google Photos listed in top 10 results
Google Items listed in top 10 results
Online video (with thumbnail) listed in top 10 results

Pros of secockpit

Speed — It is easy to do the in-depth niche research on 100s of key terms within a minute
Hosted in the cloud and you can login from any web browser therefore in the event you that have an assistant they can get access and utilize it at the same time
You don’t need to update the keword software, because it is web based application.
It is easy to expand on the keyword research simply by entering additional key phrases or sticking a lot 100 additional key phrases directly into an active search
It is easy to filter the results
You can save the keyword data as an Excel file for deeper study or reorganization outside of SECockpit
For every keyword, you can find a complete research into the top 10 ranking websites for the keywords, such as the Page rank, on-page optimisation aspects, backlink number and much more!
Basic, Professional and Agency versions to choose from
Rank Tracker is included along with your SECockpit membership (Pro & Agency Edition),yes it is great bonus.
Any keyword can be turned into a project that generates a todo list of jobs to help you with the steps involved in boosting your position for the picked keyword
User specified Assignments can be applied
Wide-ranging video coaching archives and data base
Absolutely free Tech Support Team to help you if you have any question with the secockpit tool
Both monthly and annual subscriptions to choose
Don’t worry, 30-day money-back guarantee on any products of swissmademarketing official website

Cons of Secockpit

It is a bit expensive;
The seockcpit keyword tool is fairly expensive when compare with some other tools in the same functions. Because there are many benefits to using it, there are many programs with similarly precisely the same features that charge you a lower premium for the program that makes for a dilemma in terms of economizing the Search engine marketing promotions is involved.
Regular Search engine marketing analysis functions:
It is a major disadvantage particularly when the strong Search engine optimization industry is regarded. The SEO research capabilities that SECockpit has aren’t sophisticated which means factors such as competitors researching aren’t developed efficiently. This not just restricts the strength of the software but forms a flat-line so that your competition can smash the Search engine optimization industry through suitable plug-in that a consumer won’t discover because of a poor program that’s designed to deal with the same problem.

What’s Swissmademarketing Team?

Of course, is a real corporation headquartered in a good office by the capital of Switzerland, Berne. They develop a “core team” working in Europe, And they also have a team of freelance workers from different areas worldwide.

swissmademarketing secockpit team

Sam Haenni is a Webmaster who has a adoration for Internet Marketing (particularly everything to do with Search engine marketing). He co-founded SwissMadeMarketing and it is now investing the majority of his energy focusing on SECockpit.

If you have your question regarding your secockpit account, require assistance using one of swissmademarketing tools, or you are in city and would like to visit their office – They will welcome you!

Inquiries associated with SECockpit and RankTracker .

What’s the price for the secockpit offers?

There are 3 packages to choose from secockpit official website.They are Personal version,Pro version and Agency can buy the tool with the options of Monthly or Yearly.If you buy it with the second option,you can get more discount offer.In my opinion,If you are new to this software,you can have try first option of Monthly membership & Personal version;

Here I list the prices for all packages below;

$40 / month $80 / month $120 / month

$480 / year $960 / year $1440 / year

As I mentioned before,If you want to buy this software,The Yearly membership is the best offer,That can save you more than 40% off.You can check the below for more details of the secockpit discount coupon information;







Secockpit vs Everything

As you know,There are lots of keywords tools.Some are free software,for example,you can use google keywords tool,and some are paid application,that including keyword canine,market samurai,Long Tail Pro,etc. but what’s is the best one and which one to choose,let me sharing you secockpit vs everything;

In the event you adopted my previous Workout session and discover why I wouldn’t want to contest with Mike Tyson? then I think it’s wise that learning your competitors is vital and for myself probably the most important analytics.

Personally, I feel that Market Samurai is an excellent tool. However I willn’t suggest this tool for the newbie. The volume of data that’s drawn is fairly large so you have to know and realize just what that data tells you. It is important for an effective Search engine marketing project.And the software of Market Samurai doesn’t get a function that tells you a statistic data concerning strength of the competitors.

Bottom line for Market Samurai:
For those who began with Search engine optimization. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest you to buy Market Samurai when getting started. If you’re a expert and you focus on a regular base with data studies.Then, well, I think it is fit for you. I enjoy the competition style very much, because you can find the back links of the competition additionally they provide you with the data of Flow and Trust Flow. That’s really helpful for a pro seo plan.

The next application I am going to tell is the Long Tail Pro by Spencer Haws. Ok,the first thing I want to tell you is that it is very easy tool to use.So,It is fit for the seo beginner.The target of this program is made for Market And Keyword Research.

I would like to tell you that you need to go through a 2 STEP PROCESS for getting niche keywords and studying their competitors. It means that you get the data to make your niche research, and then, you choose several key phrases you believe might have a prospective market value for you personally then you choose the keywords for your website or online store.Yes,it just like the tool of Market Samurai, You need to run TWO STEPS to check the competitors. You will find, this procedure can be time-consuming.So,I don’t like the softare.

Bottom line for Long Tail Pro
General I’d choose Long Tail Pro if there just two options. Particularly if you’re a newbie. It’s faster and easier to master,also the user dash panel is very good.

Okay, It is time to take a look at SECockpit from the Swissmademarketing.

First of all,you should know that secockpit is a keyword tool that is different compared from Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro.You don’t have to install any application on you computer,Because it is a cloud based use the account to login on the swissmademarketing official website.

The secockpit isn’t a program you must download and install on your pc. Just register on swissmademarketing official webpage, receive an account so you can make use of SECockpit at any time you want. You just need internet connection,and the user name and password, so you can use the software anyplace.

It means, don’t worry about upgrades, and re-installing or updating the local computer.because I said that it is cloud based tool.

With Long Tail Pro you detect the competition by calculating the KC value,yes,I have to admit that it is really cool, however, you also need to take action after you chose the Keywords.

And that is the actual most effective and different from SECockpit. It is easy to do search with just one click. In this video I will explain to you how it works. You simply enter the keyword and SECockpit provides you with 2 primary signal.

Summary of Secockpit:
SECockpit is definitely cool, because of this unique ONE STEP PROCESS Function. It really helps you save lots of time. And, the graphic bars shows the data by itself even if you’re the beginner to begin with Keyphrase Research and Competition.You can fetch all seo metrics very easily. I tested the software by myself and was trying to find a niche market keyword.Use the method i got Very good traffic and fairly weak competitors. Alright, so what I did was obvious. I told myself, let me test a very easy keyword to check if SECockpit offers me the right data and if I’ve possibilities to rank for the TOP10 of search engines.

How to use Secockpit?

You can start a new key phrase study by hitting the button on the toolbar.
Then you can either provide a keyword or perhaps a website link.
In case you enter a web site, SECockpit may hunt for key phrases that are like the site’s topic.
It is easy to pick region and language and add a few filters. As an example you can just choose the place of USA and English to search the result.
You can also choose the search the data with or without your maked keyword. And you can also filter key phrases by the monthly amount of searches.
All these filters can be utilized in the primary checklist too.
Mouse click on save and close to begin with the keyword research. This might take a couple of minutes.
When the checklist is shown, you’ll see the standard sorting of the checklist.
This list is categorized with the niche value, that is depending on the monthly search results and on the Search engine marketing competition value.
In case you visit the final page you will see those keyword phrases having a low niche value.


What’s real user saying about secockpit?

Here I quotes some of the real user’s words from secockpit offical website belows;

SECockpit is probably the most advanced keyword research tool on the market. Yes, you enter a seed keyword and get suggestions like any other tool.

But SECockpit can do so much more than list out a list of related keywords. It can spit out low competition keywords. It can show you keywords that get a minimum CPC in Adwords. It can even show you keywords that have YouTube, Ebay or Amazon results on the first page.

– Brian Dean,


I have studied keyword research for many years now and have used just about every tool out there. Some are good but there is nothing that comes close to SECockpit. Using SECockpit has been a turn around for our business where we previously spend a lot of time on keyword research and were still not certain we now have a solution that is fast, simple to use and very reliable.

I use SECockpit every day and absolutely love it.

– Andreas,


Is there any seocckpit discount coupon?

Where to buy secockpit? & Is there any discount coupon promo code for this secockpit?If you want to buy this keyword tool,I am sure you will ask the question.And I am glad to share you the best deal here – Click Here For your Best deal Of Secockpit!


Zero up review – Zeroup software launched by Fred Lam

Is Zero Up A Great Program? or Is it really worth the money?myversaroadtrip publishs a Review regarding the Zero up.

As you know that Zero up is advertising on the Clickbank Dashbard of its Homepage,and more and more people are want to know what’s Zero up,So I wrote this post.Becasue the Zero up is a bit expensive,so Lots of people will ask Is the Zero up worth the money or not.Ok,let’s start to share you more about Zero up.

First of all,what’s Zero up?

Zero Up is actually a software program along with coaching strategy by top online marketer of Fred Lam. He’s prepared to show people his tactics and wish everyone to use his program to develop online business much quicker by using the Zero Up automatic software package.


To gain access to this software, you ought to be either knowledgeable or read the whole training session of Zero Up to effectively learn how it works. Anytime an e-commerce shop is created by Zero Up, just Five minutes are used complete for the whole process. It absolutely shows how easy it’s to utilize Zero Up. Based on the key words utilized by you, Zero Up will add all of the advertisements from Aliexpress instantly. As an example, in case you type iphone case, all items associated with iphone case can be immediately placed on your own store. It’s completely built-in along with Aliexpress and whenever you will find it difficult, you can get it done personally by choosing each item. For those who have worked in this field of sales before, you must be know how hard it’s to do the work without the help of any application. Employing a Veterans administration is too expensive and doing the work on your own is not too hard. Therefore, comparing all of the alternatives mentioned previously, purchasing ZeroUp doesn’t look like a terrible idea at all.

Zero Up don’t like some other online business training programs out there? Unlike some other program, ZeroUp genuinely creates and runs your whole Shopify store for you. Learn how Fred Lam made that possible from the overview below.

Author: Fred Lam
Public Official website:
Price: $1,497 or 3 Payments of $597
Is Zero Up Perfect For You need?

Before we dive into the Zero up program, case-study, allow me to make some thing clear. ZeroUp isn’t one of those get rich overnight frauds.

Despite automating 95% of store development procedure and maintenance, it doesn’t only make it rain money out of the sky. If you searching for a magical tab that does that, this Zero up program is not for you.

Who’s Fred Lam?

Now let’s introduce the author of Zero Up.Fred Lam is a skilled man that has more than 12 years of internet maketing experience and his application Zero Up is a sure shot strike. He’s been in constant contact with many programs, including Google adwords, Pinterest, Facebook, and so on. for years. And during this journey, he’s become a superb advertising and marketing and sales specialist. Together with his skills, he’s made more than $20 million of profits and sales till today.

ZeroUp provides you with the opportunity to make stores and fill them up with specific niche market relevant items very quickly. Which means you can make various stores in various specialized niche in 1/10th of the time it might spend you 1 day to create 1 store in the old days.but if you use Zero up software,It is get much easier.

Do You Want ZeroUP?

Simply because they didn’t have the opportunity like ZeroUp. An opportunity to have 6 to 8 figure store run for them automatically. You get that rare opportunity thanks to Fred Lam and Zero Up. Do not let that be wasted, to make today different,Join the Zero Up Today!

The eCom Success Story Begins With Shopify & Zero Up Laboratory

There are lots of options for running an e-commerce shop, and your option may have a significant effect on your web business. much like choosing the correct location may impact a brick and mortar store.

You are virtually indulged for option with so so many:

eCom store builders
Online classes
Achievement choices
Niche categories
Themes & Designs

Zero Up Conclusion:

You can find lots of Zero Up review and testimonials supplied by individuals from around the world that are the beneficiaries of the application. Just what he’s providing by means of Zero Up is worth the money since he is offering an in-detail coaching along with it. For everybody who is truly considering engaging in this e-commerce and promoting enterprise will quickly find what he’s talking about. With the appropriate details, you are able to conquer the world. He has made it so easy to know what e-commerce and internet marketing are only for and the way you are able to increase your income using a profit multiplier. The woking platform of Zero Up can make it much simpler so that you can flourish and gain huge profits.

buy zero up

If you need zero up 2.0, check here now.

[70% Off] Wondershare Dr Fone Coupon Code 2017 & Review

Everybody have such problem.Sometimes erased some data like pictures or important files off their I phone and didn’t know you would need or need it later.Good me,We have a software of Wondershare Dr.Fone helps you restore the datas.Also in the article,I will share you the best deal with wondershare dr fone for android coupon Below;

Wondershare dr fone promo code


Update – The Best Deal for the Wondershare Dr Fone Promo Coupon is 30% Off

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android (Mac)

Original Price:  $59.95 USD

Now only: $41.97 USD

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Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS Business

Original Price:  $499 USD

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Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android Business

Original Price:  $499USD

Now only: $349.35 USD

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What’s wondershare dr.fone

Dr Fone is known as a software that can help anyone recover data files deleted from the I phone, ipad tablet or apple ipod touch.

Wondershare Dr.Fone is a pc application for Windows PCs. after you install it, then start the application and connect the iOS device to the laptop or computer. After that, you can search for lost pictures, sms, video clips, contacts and much more easily.

Wondreshare Dr Fone deal the problem of iOS file recovery in two approaches: Either from the iOS gadget itself, or perhaps you have lost the gadget from an i-tunes back-up. To extract data from the suitable iOS device, you start Wondershare Dr. Fone with your computer and connect the device with Universal serial bus.

How to use Wondershare Dr Fone

Step One. Link iOS Gadget to your Computer

Start Wondershare dr fone program using your laptop. Make use of the Universal serial bus wire to connect the iPhone, ipad tablet or itouch, to your laptop. Simply click “Data Recovery” and pick “Recover from iOS Gadget” option.

Hints: Before using dr.fone, you are expected to download the newest version of i-tunes. To prevent the automatically synchronize, do not start i-tunes when using Wondershare dr.fone program. You have to turn off the automatical synchronizing within i-tunes in advance: start i-tunes > Choices > Gadgets, check “Prevent apple ipods, i-phones, and iPads from synchronizing automatically”.

Step Two. Check out The Gadget for Lost Data files on It

Just click the “Begin Scan” key to allow the program scan the iPhone, ipad tablet or itouch to check for erased or lost data files. The scanning procedure may take couple of minutes, depending on the quantity of data in your gadget. During the scanning process, if you notice that the data you are looking for is there, you’ll then click on the “Stop” option to end the task.

Step Three. Sneak peek the Scanned Files

The scan may take some minutes. When it is finished, you can find a scan result created by the software. Data files both lost and existing on your own gadget are exhibited in types. To restore the erased data on your iOS gadget, you can swipe the choice “Just display the deleted items” to ON. By clicking the file enter in the left bar, you can sneak peek the identified data. So you can find there’s a search box at the top of the window. You can search for the particular file by entering a key phrase within the search box.

Step Four. Restore Data from the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

After you discover the files you want, simply put the verify tag in front of the box to pick them. After that, click on the “Restore” button at the bottom right of the window. Automatically, the retrieved data will be stored to the laptop. In terms of sms, iMessage, connections, or even records, after you press Restore, a pop-up will ask you to “Recover to Laptop” or “Recover to Gadget”. If you would like place these messages back to the iOS gadget, click on “Restore to Gadget”.

Here is the video shows the steps to use Wondershare Dr Fone;


Wondershare Dr Fone Pros

Great solution: Wondershare Dr.Fone presents fantastic instructions for making the best of the application, like rooting the mobile phone and dealing with debugging applications. Website service is clear-cut and straightforward to follow.

Great function: It sometimes required about 60 minutes or 20 minutes to retrieve the data with the software, it performed more advanced than predicted. A large number of pictures, lots of video clips, and countless sms messages were found after being previously erased.

Wondershare Dr Fone Cons

It takes some time to install the software of Dr Fone: The installation wizard suggested us to download 2 other applications but made them out to be part of Wondershare Dr.Fone. You will find that to be problematic, also it difficult the installation procedure.

Unsupported gadgets: We initially utilized an HTC One m8 for the tests, but this gadget wasn’t identifiable, making us to try an alternative gadget instead. The HTC One m8 is brand new, therefore we know the lack of support,it’s the signal that Dr.Fone isn’t updated frequently.

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Google android or Windows/Mac is actually a software that enables the recovery of the data securely to avoid more unintentional data loss. It’s suitable for any kind of Android os and brand new products, including: Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Moto, Huawei, Nexus, Acer, Dell, Archos and Asus.

Wondershare Dr Fone Main Features:

  1. Immediately recover lost Text message and pictures;
  2. Recover pictures and videos caused by removing, repairing manufacturer settings, flashing ROM, rooting, and so on., through SD cards in Android mobile phone;
  3. Support several Android mobile phones and tablets, such as Samsung, sony, LG, Motrola, and so on;
  4. Only read and recover your data, absolutely no private information leaking.

Where to buy Wondershare Dr Fone and Is there any Wondershare Dr Fone Promo Coupon Code?

You may visit Wondershare Official website to buy the software of Dr.Fone;Also the Wondershare.Ltd cowork with the affiliate website,so you can also use my Discount Link Already Attached the Promo Coupon Code to buy the Wondershare Dr.Fone.

Discount Details Check the link Here or Visit for more!

Why I choose Secockpit?

As you know,If you are webmaster,the first thing you dealling with is to choose good keywords for your website.I know lots kinds of keyword tools,But I just like swissmademarketing secockpit.With article below shows Secockpit discount information & my reasons;

SECockpit Was Made By a SEO Team,It was named “Swissmademarketing”,and the leader is Sam H.He is great programmer,The team had launched lots kinds of SEO Tools(ytcockpit,backlink spy,DeCMS,and niche keywords tool of secockpit).

Working with a professional development team, you will definitely get better service, product life expectancy, and greater on-going new technology.

In general, don’t purchase applications from a marketer that don’t know any codes,It wastes of your money and time.As I said before,Sam H is great programmer,He can also help you if you have some problem when installing a website,because it is a piece of cake for him.

The swissmademarking team hires lots of smart programmer work for them,If you are one of them that are using the swissmademarketing secockpit,We should say “thank you!”.

There is nodoubt that it is great software,you can search the keyword of “secockpit” on the famous seo forum of warrior or are lots of topic on this seo software.

NOW,let’s check the details:

SECockpit is very fast.Secockpit is a fast tool,It will accelerate the niche research activity simply because of the way it works, that as far as I know is 100% unique.

Be sure to use the secockpit coupon on to check out secockpit pro package!

SECockpit has solved the 2 problems that the majority of keyword tools have.

Reliability of keyword difficulty standards
Manual work at the end of the process to figure out niches

SeCockpit isn’t restricted to neither is it biased for the US consumer. A lot of software have better services just for people interested in US traffic.SeCockpit is fit for customers all over the world including the US.The search engineer is changing fast and we require software which are truly worldwide to ensure that we can choose the best keywords for our website.